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Next Wave in Business connects Black and Latinx undergraduate students with top companies

Only 49% of Black and 61% of Latinx undergraduate business students are employed full-time one year after graduation compared to 70% of their White peers.

Next Wave in Business, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, will help close that gap.

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“Thank you again for bringing such an amazing event to USC [University of Southern California]! I’m certain that the students in attendance tonight definitely walked away with a stronger sense of self and purpose as they live their lives in the classroom, in the professional world, and in every other interaction as champions of diversity.”

— Chelsea, President, USC Black Business Student Association (BBSA)

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“I can imagine how uncomfortable it might be to ask a person of color how they feel or what they think about things that are happening in this country every day. I can even understand that people might not want to have those conversations at work out of fear of saying the wrong thing. But I believe that we can only begin to address those issues through mutual understanding, which requires open and honest conversations.”

Javier Castellanos Jr., Strategy Manager at Accenture

“My grandmother always tells me to enjoy the phase you’re in and I didn’t really grasp the essence of what that meant until after I graduated from college. I look back and am so appreciative of my 4 years, but I know there were times where I didn’t appreciate experiences and opportunities as much as I could have.”

Alexa Abbott, State and Local Government Advisory Associate at PwC

“Working in industries where there are very few people of color has often made me experience Imposter Syndrome. I would look around and longed to see more people who looked like me and shared similar upbringing or experiences. I felt like I didn’t belong and that I was given the job by mistake… It was thanks to a Career Coach who helped me address these feelings and gave me perspective that I was able to turn things around.”

Emma Gutierrez-Rodriguez, HR Data Analyst at Microsoft